Richard Youngs

Richard Youngs is a British musician known for his prolific and diverse output. Based in Glasgow, he has been actively creating music since the early 1990s. Youngs is skilled in playing various instruments, with the guitar being his most common choice. However, he also experiments with other instruments such as the shakuhachi, accordion, theremin, dulcimer, and even a motorway bridge. He has released numerous solo albums and collaborated with many artists throughout his career.

For many years, Youngs rarely performed live due to extreme stage fright. However, in recent years he has overcome this fear and started performing more regularly. His recent shows have predominantly featured his vocals after attending a laptop concert that inspired him to sing.

Youngs' musical style falls within the realm of experimental music. His unique sound can be compared to artists like *Loren Connors*, *Sir Richard Bishop*, *Six Organs Of Admittance*, and *Jackie O Motherfucker*. With an extensive discography and a reputation for pushing boundaries, Richard Youngs continues to captivate audiences with his innovative approach to music.


Richard Youngs
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