The Cradle

A dark/extreme metal band from Suffolk, UK, The Cradle of Filth was founded in 1991 as part of the second wave black metal genre. Over the years, their musical style has evolved into a unique mixture of death, black, gothic and symphonic metal. Influenced by Gothic literature, poetry, mythology and horror films, their lyrics and general imagery create a captivating atmosphere.

With several line-up changes throughout the years, frontman Dani Filth remains the only founding member still in the band since its inception. The current line-up includes talented musicians such as Marthus on drums and keyboard, Daniel Firth on bass guitar, Ashok on guitar along with Donny Burbage on guitars and Zoe Marie Federoff on keyboard and vocals.

The Cradle of Filth's sub-genre is often debated due to its unique sound that defies classification. Their music appeals to fans who appreciate a blend of dark themes with powerful instrumentals. If you enjoy artists like Brittle Brian or Lily & Horn Horse among others listed below*, then The Cradle is an artist worth exploring for their distinct approach to extreme metal.


The Cradle
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