The Jesus Lizard

The Jesus Lizard is an influential band that originated in Texas and later moved to Chicago. Formed by vocalist David Yow and bassist David Wm. Sims, both of whom were previously members of the Austin-based band Scratch Acid. After Scratch Acid disbanded, Yow and Sims joined forces with guitarist Duane Denison (Cargo Cult) to create The Jesus Lizard.

With their unique blend of punk, noise rock, and post-hardcore, The Jesus Lizard quickly gained a reputation for their intense live performances and raw energy. Their music is characterized by Yow's distinctive vocals, Sims' powerful basslines, Denison's intricate guitar work, and a relentless rhythm section.

Throughout their career, The Jesus Lizard released several critically acclaimed albums such as "Goat," "Liar," and "Down." They have influenced numerous bands with their aggressive sound and uncompromising attitude. Despite disbanding in 1999, The Jesus Lizard remains an important figure in alternative rock history.


The Jesus Lizard
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