Wolf Eyes

Wolf Eyes is an American experimental music group hailing from Detroit, Michigan. Founded in 1996 by Nate Young, the band has been pushing boundaries and challenging conventions ever since. With their unique blend of noise, industrial, and electronic elements, Wolf Eyes has carved out a distinct sound that sets them apart from their peers.

Influenced by a wide range of artists including Yellow Swans, Shit And Shine, Black Dice, and Merzbow among others, Wolf Eyes' music is characterized by its raw intensity and chaotic energy. Their live performances are known for being immersive experiences that leave audiences captivated and transformed.

Over the years, Wolf Eyes has released numerous albums and collaborated with various musicians to further expand their sonic palette. From collaborations with Aaron Dilloway to Kevin Drumm and Nurse With Wound, they have consistently pushed the boundaries of what experimental music can be.


Wolf Eyes
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