Aylin Gungor

Oturdugum Yerden (From Where I am)

  • 9786058533103
  • BOOK
  • $19.99

Over the past decade, Aylin G?ng?r, editor-in-chief and art director of Istanbul-based culture magazine Bant Mag, has photographed a vast array of musicians as they visit and explore her city. She's now collected some of her best work, including shots of Animal Collective, Caribou, Mick Harvey, John Maus, TV On The Radio, Josephine Foster and Moon Duo among others, into a book, Oturdugum Yerden (From Where I Am), a testament to the mundane and melancholic being transformed into something of wonder, as G?ng?r sees a familiar city revitalised through the eyes of others. As she writes: "They came to Istanbul, where I live. I claimed this city is sad, they thought it is undeniably beautiful. Through the eyes of these lovely people, the sadness I had always sensed around me transformed into joy and revelry - so their declarations of wonder convinced me every single time".