Time Tourist

  • LP-WRP-37LE
  • Colored Vinyl.
  • Release Date: November 16th 2018
  • $26.99

New edition of the second B12 album, originally released by Warp in 1996. It continues the sleek, Detroit-inspired sci-fi techno moves of their Electro-Soma era, but ties the tracks to a playful concept in which the tracks are presented as an educational soundtrack designed by the 22nd-century company B12 Systems.

Housed in an evocative Designers Republic sleeve based on a Trevor Webb airbrush painting, the sleevenotes riff on a dystopian future society looking back at the primitive past and includes references to such genre touchstones as Blade Runner, Philip K. Dick and Star Wars.

The CD includes 4 bonus tracks and comes housed in an outer slipcase.

In 2017 Warp reissued a remastered version of the debut B12 album Electro-Soma alongside a companion volume of tracks from the era, Electro-Soma II.

LPx2 - Indie Exclusive Colored Vinyl Double LP

CDx2 - Double CD Edition