Bell Witch


  • pfl108
  • Release Date: September 3rd 2015
  • $14.99

BELL WITCH is a minimalist doom two-piece from Seattle comprised of ADRIAN GUERRA and DYLAN DESMOND (of SAMOTHRACE fame). With only the bare minimum at their disposal, the duo's massive, crushing soundscapes are executed with just bass, drums and dual-vocal pummel. Uniquely sorrowful, its sound as close to Skepticism as it is to Codeine, their debut full-length Longing is an hour and ten minutes of doomed desolation, sadness and sorrow—a time-stretching journey through darkness, pain and suffering. Originally released on CD by Profound Lore Records, the album was one of the most important doom albums of 2012, Longing has since become an influential sorrowful doomed classic. Longing is packaged in a thick, old-style case-wrapped gatefold jacket with with printed inner sleeves.