The Rose Gardner

  • LP-TSR-199
  • Release Date: February 22nd 2019
  • $20.99

Bellows' album, The Rose Gardner. Available here on Standard Vinyl & Cassette.

The Rose Gardener, Bellows’ fourth full-length album and the project’s first for Topshelf, is a four-part journey through the uncanny valley of deep psychological disorder and pain. Self-recorded over the course of a single winter while Kalb was living in Woodstock, NY, The album invokes a bright and pastoral landscape of americana and folk while also incorporating a dark, bubbling substructure of noise, synthesizers, sampling and vocal manipulation. With lyrics influenced by a strange pairing of Romantic Poetry and deeply modern interrogations of internet pop-culture discourse, Bellows crafts a sound that is just at home alongside singers from the traditional American songbook as it is contemporary pop and dance music.