Bohren Und Der Club Of Gore


  • PIAS 39223291LP
  • LPx2
  • Release Date: November 16th 2016
  • $29.99

Cologne-based minimalist horror-jazz masters Bohren & Der Club Of Gore return with Geisterfaust (Ghost Fist), their fourth studio album. Shuffling slower than ever, Bohren has stripped down their sound to the bone, becoming more gentle and less aggressive without any compromise. The first two Bohren & Der Club Of Gore albums, Gore Motel and particularly the double CD Midnight Radio, transpose easy listening sounds into doom rock darkness. Five years afterward, Bohren fine-tuned their brand of horror jazz with Sunset Mission, the band's most accessible tome to date. With Geisterfaust Bohren tramples the last remnants of the pop idiom firmly into the ground. Let's reduce: A slow motion beat sneaks by, as rhythm lies hung, drawn, and quartered on the floor. Harmonies fall like ripe fruit from their instruments. Delicate and drawn-out final flourishes are the order of the day. A middle finger stops the clock. Any more minimal than this and we'd be onto La Monte Young