Bohren Und Der Club Of Gore

Sunset Mission

  • PIAS 39291812CD
  • CD
  • Release Date: June 21st 2005
  • $13.99

a classic masterpiece from the year 2000. German horror-jazzmasters Bohren & Der Club Of Gore's third release continues in the same vein as on their previous albums in producing pieces of deadly mellow bliss. If Midnight Radio reminds you of being the alternate soundtrack toTwin Peaks, then Sunset Mission is without a doubt one of the CDs permanently in the CD changer at the Black Lodge. Lounge-y, dark, crepuscular, and more austere than their previous works, Sunset Missionstands as a singular piece of work, rather than a collection of songs. An elegant blend of sax, piano, bass, and guitar makes for a sublime mix of sonorous darkness and smoky sensuality