Lynda Schuster

Dirty Wars and Polished Silver

  • 9781612196343
  • Hardcover
  • $26.99

A riveting memoir of life, love, and transformation on the frontlines of conflicts around the world from a former foreign correspondent for the Wall Street Journal.

"I'm happy to report that adventure I found, beyond my wildest imaginings. Glamour, too. And love. But there were other things lurking - danger, death, personal loss - that I did not foresee. Most of all, there was war."

Growing up in 1960s Detroit, Lynda Schuster felt convinced that life was happening somewhere else, and by the time she graduated from high school, she was determined to find it. And find it she did.

Dirty Wars and Polished Silver is Schuster's story of her life abroad as a foreign correspondent in war-torn countries, and as the wife of a U.S Ambassador. It chronicles her experiences reporting on uprisings in the jungles of Mexico, dodging rocket fire in Lebanon, being held hostage in the wastelands of Angola, and grieving the loss of her first husband, Los Angeles Times reporter Dial Torgrson, who was killed by a command-detonated landmine on the Honduran-Nicaraguan border.

Equal parts gripping and charming, Dirty Wars and Polished Silver is a story about the lengths one woman went to for self-discovery and about how she ultimately found herself where she least expected to be: in essentially the same place, only wiser, saner, more resolved. And with all her limbs intact.