Scott Walker


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Limited to 100 copies of this deluxe edition

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Each leather-bound edition is housed in a beautiful solander box and will be signed and numbered by Scott Walker.

Each box contains 5 exclusive photographic prints of Scott Walker plus a hand-written facsimile folio print of the Barracuda lyrics, which will also be signed and numbered by the author.

Scott Walker is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant, serious and intelligent of artists today. A major event, Sundog is the first-ever selection of Walker's lyrics curated by the artist himself, published for the first time with a stunning introduction by Eimear McBride. Walker's iconic lyrics will proudly follow in the footsteps of other famous musicians who have been published by Faber & Faber, including Jarvis Cocker, Billy Bragg, and Van Morrison.

It’s impossible to understate the impact that Scott Walker has had on contemporary music. His fans include Bowie and Jarvis Cocker - it’s even said that the iconic 4AD Label was conceived of while listening to a cassette copy of his 1984 LP Climate of Hunter. He rose to fame as a member of proto-boy band The Walker Brothers, but his tetralogy of self-titled solo records cemented his importance in musical history. The records are a mix of Jacques Brel covers (equally edgy and iconic), heartbreaking renditions of contemporary standards, and genius-calibre original compositions. 1969’s 100% Scott-penned 4 is necessary in any collection. After Scott 4’s commercial failure (and the demands of his record company), he set down his pen until 1995’s Tilt, a collection of left-field howls that shocked fans and critics alike. 2012 saw the release of Bish Bosch, a true high-water mark in his exploration of language, meter, and imagery.
This book is his first collection of poetry and lyrics. It includes a selection of his work from the sixties, complete lyrics from his inscrutable, left-field masterpieces released from 1995-2014, and additional lyrics from 6 yet-to-be-recorded songs.

Kris Peterson, Shipping Manager, Rough Trade NYC