Clare Nina Norelli

Soundtrack from Twin Peaks 33 1/3

When Twin Peaks first aired on ABC in April 1990 to a viewership of thirty-five million, it became an instant cult sensation that has since gone on to inspire and intrigue subsequent generations of viewers. Centered on an eccentric, coffee-loving FBI agent's investigation into the murder of small town teen queen, it was a show with absurdist tendencies and somehow managed to make surrealism mainstream. At the helm of cult film director David Lynch it proved to be the perfect manifestation of the "Lynchian" worldview: that in the heart of what is innocent and pure there often lies great darkness. Key to Twin Peaks' success was an unforgettable soundtrack by Angelo Badalamenti, a frequent and reoccurring collaborator within the David Lynch universe. Badalamenti's evocative music, with its percussive jazz instrumentation and romantic synthesizer layering, served as a constant in a narrative that was consistently unhinged and went on to sell over two million copies worldwide. How did a unique collaborative process result in a perfectly post-modern soundtrack that ran the gamut of musical genres from jazz to dream pop and beyond? And how did Badalamenti's musical cues work with Lynch's visuals for Twin Peaks; constantly evolving and having the ability to break with television convention, unnerving and eliciting unexpected responses in its audience? Under the guidance of Angelo Badalamenti's diverse sonic palette, Clare Nina Norelli delves deep into the Lynchian underworld answering all these questions and more.