Issue 02 - Autumn / Winter 2017 - Technology and the Sublime

  • boshspring02
  • Paperback.
  • Release Date: December 22nd 2017
  • $10.00

Boshemia is a brand new independent feminist collection of voices, a testament to the strength and diversity of women across the world. We are back with a second issue ready to spread the feminist message and indulge in our love of print media. Issue 02 was entirely funded by Boshemia readers: a community of engaged feminists who value print magazines in the digital age.

In an era which propels us forward technologically at nauseating speed, yet somehow contains whole sections of society who will bend over backwards to enforce and champion outdated and archaic views, we’ve taken this moment to both celebrate digital human progress and to extend a loving embrace to the neglected yet nourishing sublime natural world.

Despite the state of things, all hope is not lost. We need to keep fighting. We need to keep spreading the word of equality and intersectional feminism.