Issue 4: Power

  • boshemia04
  • Release Date: March 2nd 2019
  • $10.00

What is power? / What does power mean to you? / What makes you feel powerful? / What makes you feel powerless?

We've been thinking about how to define power. Power is influence, energy, and potential. It’s recovering from sexual assault; it’s acknowledging and coming to terms with your own identity (even if the power structures are trying to silence you.) It’s wearing a pair of bright yellow trousers to work; it’s getting behind the wheel for the first time since 1957.

For the fourth issue of Boshemia, we challenged artists and writers to think broadly about power; everyday acts, big movements, small gestures, social structures, individual actions, personal autonomy, and the general imbalance of power.

In this issue you’ll find:
- a confessional essay about growing up in poverty and challenging the imbalances of capitalism
- power dressing icons
- a symposium on Muslim women gaining the right to driving in the KSA
- a fable about the sun and wind
- a fairytale about death and the persistence of memory
- notes to the universe on its phobia of trans and nonbinary folk
- a photoseries which finds superwoman in a Ugandan market

and so much more.