Chet Baker

In Milan

  • DAD 106LP
  • Release Date: August 24th 2018
  • $21.99

Chet Baker's album In Milan. Available here on LP.

Down At Dawn present a reissue of In Milan, a rare studio date from Chet Baker's first trip to Europe. In Milan captures the king of West Coast jazz in Milan with a band specially assembled for these sessions that features some of the best Italian musicians of the time. The basic quartet includes Chet Baker (trumpet) Renato Sellani (piano) Franco Cerri (bass), and Gene Victory (drums). However, that unit is often upgraded to a sextet with Glauco Masetti (alto sax) and Gianno Basso (tenor sax). The cool spirit of Baker's music lives through some inspired fluid performances of American bop classics such as Miles Davis's "Tune Up" and Charlie Parker's "Cheryl Blues".

LP - Standard LP.