Endless Boogie

Full House Head

  • NOQ024cd
  • CD
  • Release Date: July 20th 2010
  • $14.99

'full house head' starts running more or less where its awesome predecessor, 'focus level', left off: streamlined rhythms, epic jams, some justifiably strong doses of canned heat, beefheart (with particular attention paid, perhaps inevitably, to 'i'm gonna booglarise you baby') and a lot of early '70s stuff that almost no-one - save endless boogie frontman paul major, a reputedly olympian rare record collector...will probably be familiar with. if anything, though, 'full house head' stretches the bug-eyed motoring ethos of endless boogie even further, elevating the lost art of choogling to almost transcendental levels: moments of the 11-minute 'slow creep', for example (a song title as reductively blatant as their band name), vaguely suggest 'dog of two head' recalibrated as a meditational tool. 'full house head' opens with 'empty eye', a wiry nine-and-a-half minute choogle in the dust trails of zz top that culminates in a needling face-off between major and a guesting matt sweeney. 'a life worth leaving', meanwhile, is a monolithic jam that gradually picks up psychedelic momentum over a mighty 22 and a half minutes, occasionally entering the sort of cosmic zones that i always hoped the stoner / desert rock set of the late '90s might shoot for more often.