Garden City Movement


  • CD-ALN-48
  • Release Date: March 16th 2018
  • $9.99

Garden City Movement release their debut album Apollonia. Available here on LP.

The trio of Roy Avital, Yoav Saar and Johnny Sharoni produce a blend of sounds drawn from their diverse cultural worlds; ranging from art-pop to experimental house to horizontally-aligned vibes. Recording through 2017 at their studio in Tel Aviv, Garden City Movement took the time to explore their sound as a band. From the combination of dream-like vocals and cinematic-RnB in singles Slightly All The Time. Before I Fall and A Means To An End to the leftfield four-four of Mediterranea and Sans Titre or the ethereal jazz of I Knew Before I Met Her (That One Day I Would Lose Her) and worldly influences of the title track - the heightened craft in their production is firmly felt across the album’s 18 tracks. The album takes a darker path lyrically; exploring the breakdown of a fading relationship and the depression, loneliness and abuse that follows. While not explicit, this melancholy grounds the album in the real world. The fusion of forward facing production and confessional account of human-interaction frames an emotional and honest album of modern soul music.

LP - Standard LP.