Track One

DJ Fett Burger

Label Mongo Fett Genre House Cat no. FETT-303

DJ Fett Burger on the roll again with his leftfield label Mongo Fett. The third release with three new and very different cuts.All products on Klasse Recordings Bandcamp page are sent by ...

Tap Dat Ass

Omar S

Label FXHE Genre House Cat no. AOS-808

Omar-S does that deep and gritty house hustle like no other with one last jag of the year.Up top the 313 OG metes out the ragged blues-jazz stomp and pivot of Dancer’s Anthem, loosely cho...


Code 718

Label Strictly Rhythm Genre House Cat no. SR12103

The original mix of Code 718's seminal slice of NY deep house bliss is an all time anthem. Basing itself on Manuel Gottsching's 'E2-E4', a benchmark record in contemporary dance musics le...

Volume One

Lives Through Magic

Label TAG OUT Genre Electronic Cat no. LTM-001

Lives Through Magic is a compilation of eclectic electronic music, with all proceeds to benefit the victims of the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland, CA. All proceeds (minus physical production ...

Serene Waters

Tom Trago

Label Voyage Direct Genre House Cat no. VD31

5 Track EP. Yamaha’s DX series of synthesizers has long been a source of inspiration for Tom Trago. The DX7, in particular, appeals to the Dutch producer thanks to a unique sound that he ...

Other Side Of Me

Paul Johnson

Label CHIWAX Genre House Cat no. CPJTX004


Gentrified Love Pt. 3

Theo Parrish

Label Sound Signature Genre House Cat no. SS-066

The third release in Theo's Gentrified Love series on Sound Signature. Side A, 'Trust', features Amp Fiddler and Ideeyah. Flip the disc over for another excellent collaboration between Th...



Label Torben Genre House Cat no. TORBEN004


En Melodi

Jonsson & Alter

Label Kontra Musik Genre House Cat no. KONTRA031



Statue & Ara Koufax

Label Cin Cin Genre House Cat no. CINCIN008

Melbourne's STATUE deliver a pair of percussive workouts engineered for maximum dancefloor action, while fellow residents ARA KOUFAX take you for a swim with two prime time cuts of pseudo...

The Red Notes

Hieroglyphic Being

Released 03/09/18 Label Soul Jazz Records Genre House Cat no. CD-SOJR-394

Red Notes is the prolific artists new revelatory and unique project ' in his own words ' homage to the Blue Note Jazz sound of Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock' fused togeth...

Released 03/09/18 Label Soul Jazz Records Genre House Cat no. LP-SOJR-394

Red Notes is the prolific artists new revelatory and unique project ' in his own words ' homage to the Blue Note Jazz sound of Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock' fused togeth...

Memories Of Cindy

Palmbomen II

Released 01/26/18 Label Beats In Space Genre House Cat no. CD-BIS-031

Faded, surreal and fizzy dream-house snacks from Kai Hugo’s Palmbomen II, blessing NYC’s BIS (Beats In Space) with a heavy-lidded follow-up to his well-received, eponymous 2015 outing and...

Released 07/01/17 Label Beats In Space Genre House Cat no. BIS-024

Faded, surreal and fizzy dream-house snacks from Kai Hugo’s Palmbomen II, blessing NYC’s BIS (Beats In Space) with a heavy-lidded follow-up to his well-received, eponymous 2015 outing and...

Nowhere (Danny Krivit Edit)

Hokis Pokis

Released 01/19/18 Label Shield Edits Genre House Cat no. SHIELD6101

Absolutely stellar proto-disco jam from 1975 on the minute Shield label, Nassau County's Hokis Pokis may not be the most well known of funk / soul outfits but that doesn't mean they groov...

My House From All Angles

Mike Dunn

Released 01/19/18 Label Moreaboutmusic Genre House Cat no. MAMBB001

On his first solo LP in 27 years, house producer Mike Dunn celebrates the old school: Acid lines squirm, vintage drum machines knock and thrash, and Dunn holds court with his commanding b...

Time Saving Tips For DJs Vol. 1

Physical Therapy

Released 01/19/18 Label Exotic Dance Records Genre House Cat no. EDR007

Physical Therapy for Exotic Dance with this first volume of shamanic workout material made between 2014 and 2017. These are deliriously entrancing and exquisitely produced tracks, expertl...

Crazy Wild

Club Style

Released 01/19/18 Label Dance Mania Genre House Cat no. DM080

Club Style is the pseudonym used by 2 all-time Chicago legends, a truly all-star line up on this record, that's right, the pairing of Paul Johnson and Robert Armani. Say no more really. '...

Hand In Hand


Released 01/19/18 Label Apollo Records Genre House Cat no. AMB1710

Synkro diversifies his bonds into blue half step and downtempo modes on Hand In HandSweetly exercising his signature melancholic touch between the pastoral flutes and half step sway of Va...

Nos Magia

Arp Frique

Released 01/19/18 Label Rush Hour Genre House Cat no. RHSTORE JAMS11

Three dancefloor hitters by the Dutch Arp Frique. Nos Magia holds collaborations with Nigerian funkster Orlando Julius and Cape-Verdean legend Americo Brito. Surprising new cuts that coul...

Revenge For Nothing / Red Dogon Star

Marcellus Pittman

Released 01/19/18 Label Unirhythm Genre House Cat no. UNI-1004

We were somewhat surprised to discover that Revenge For Nothing is Marcellus Pittman's first 12" single for nearly three years. We were even more surprised when we heard the title track, ...

Tugboat Edits Vol. 1

Tim Zawada

Released 01/18/18 Label Tugboat Edits Genre House Cat no. TBE1201

The debut 12" from the Chicago "Edit King" TIM ZAWADA, full of renegade reworks, loaded with tasteful, eclectic tune selections. Straddling house & disco while steering clear of "disc...

Secada Mondatta

Conga Square

Released 01/05/18 Label Palto Flats Genre House Cat no. PFF01

Propulsive and patient multi-dimensional electronic jazz, Conga Square inaugurates the first record for the brand new Palto Flats PFF 12" series. Ranging from downtempo rhythmic contempla...

LIES 099

Florian Kupfer

Released 01/05/18 Label L.I.E.S. (LONG ISLAND ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS) Genre House Cat no. LIES 099

Florian is back on L.I.E.S. with another massive release. This one runs the gamut from the epic PWOG styled opener Contact, to industrialized beat track of Random Chaos to stepping broken...

EP'En Andre Hjem

Palta And Ti

Released 01/05/18 Label Gravity Graffiti Genre House Cat no. GRA006

Gravity Graffiti have released some great work in the last year by the likes of Marcello Napoletano, Soichi Terada and Yoshinori Hayashi. It is now the turn of Danish producers Natal Zaks...

Deepest Shades EP

Toyin Agbetu Presents Shades Of Black

Released 01/05/18 Label Frame Of Mind Genre House Cat no. FOM003

Seven exquisite deep house cuts for you by producer Toyin Agbetu. A forgotten hero responsible for some of the most exquisite music out there. From Streetsoul and Hip Hop to moody Chicago...


It's Thinking

Released 01/05/18 Label Frame Of Mind Genre House Cat no. FOM002

Dirk-Jan Hanegraaff, Gert-Jan Bijl and Mark Ripmeester released more music via more aliases than you've had Nandos... The proliferation of electronic gold coming from their Dutch laborato...

Ruff Disco Volume One

Nature Boy

Released 01/05/18 Label Frame Of Mind Genre House Cat no. FOM001

An ironic thought: Disco, considered to be a mere fad in the 70's. Commercialized & exploited by the establishment in such movies like Saturday Night Fever & T.G.I.F. Yet today we...

Paradygm Shift

Robert Hood

Released 01/05/18 Label Dekmantel Genre House Cat no. DKMNTL50

One of the most prominent and outstanding techno craftsmen of our generation returns to his roots with Paradygm Shift, the first Robert Hood album to be released since 2012. A staggering ...

I'm Strong

Robert Owens

Released 01/05/18 Label Alleviated Genre House Cat no. ML2204LE

A one of a kind track with a totally unique groove and a bass line not coming from this world. The DX sound that makes the track so powerful sounds like some kind of mutant machine that i...

The 5 Elements Pt. 1

DJ Normal 4 And Bufiman

Released 01/05/18 Label Aiwo Genre House Cat no. AIWO003


Nicola Cruz

Released 12/29/17 Label Multi Culti Genre House Cat no. mc034

Support: Trevor Jackson, Joakim, Psychemagik etc. Folklorica's chosen lord, Nicola Cruz has shepherded the masses from the church of high tempos and brought trance-formed revellers down t...

On The Rocks

Dwight Sykes

Released 12/29/17 Label Peoples Potential Unlimited Genre House Cat no. PPU 082

We are gonna call this one Dwight's Baby... "On The Rocks" Written and produced by Dwight Sykes for L.U.S.T. Productions. The album he would have released in 1980 is complete. Cell phone ...

To Be Or Not To Be

Neal Howard

Released 12/29/17 Label Clone Classic Cuts Genre House Cat no. CCC 032

Detroit Chicago crossover housetracks originally released on Terry ''Housemaster'' Baldwin's Future Sound Records in 1988. Now remastered on Clone Classic Cuts with a fierce Gerd edit and...

Maiden Japan / The Gold Room

Juzer (Beau Wanzer and Dan Jugel)

Released 12/29/17 Label R=A+7=1 Genre House Cat no. R=A+7=1

Beau Wanzer and Dan Jugle clash heads once again as Juzer with a natty, grotty session of slamming EBM and livewire techno for the mysterious R=A label. Uptown, they pitch a swerving EBM ...

The Little Movies Long Player

Little Movies

Released 12/22/17 Label Wah Wah Wino Genre House Cat no. WINO-003

Little Movies are Morgan "buckled" Buckley and Ben "soft-shoe" Donohue. Dueling hot analog swords over snowy modular fjords... Improvised CV chitchat. Pre-Post Boiled Egg Heads & Sold...

Bailando / Aquamarine

Earth Trax And Newborn Jr.

Released 12/22/17 Label Echovolt Genre House Cat no. EVR 027

After taking off on Rhythm Section Intl in 2016, Earth Trax & Newborn Jr. double down on Echovolt with two supple, swanging new age garage-house burners.Bailando is a sterling take on...



Released 12/22/17 Label SAFE TRIP (NETHERLANDS) Genre House Cat no. ST 005

Young Marco’s Safe Trip presents darling’s 2nd 12”, contrasting the driving flight of his debut for Voyage Direct with something a little more genteel and tender, all rooted in drum track...

Paraiso '89


Released 12/22/17 Label World Building Genre House Cat no. WB005

Not much info on this one. Trust your head & your heart!"Paraíso '89" from the short-lived group Azura. This mysterious gem finally sees the light of day!Crashing waves (check). Sexy ...


Move D And Jordan GCZ

Released 12/22/17 Label Off Minor Recordings Genre House Cat no. OMR010

Move D (David Moufang) and Jordan GCZ (Jordan Czamanski) are back again on wax after a hiatus since their 2015 live in Seattle album, on Further Records. Here they team up again for 2 ice...

Messages From The Stars

Rah Band

Released 12/22/17 Label Especial Specials Genre House Cat no. ESP003

I get messages from the stars, when you're making love to me, I get messages from the stars, you must be from another galaxy...'With its heavy drum machines, funky bass line, female vocal...

Walkin' Thru Circles

Needs / Lars Bartkuhn

Released 12/22/17 Label Needs Music Genre House Cat no. NE GE01

Remastered 2017 version of the 2002 Thump mix with a new version on the flip, played with band and the addition of live instruments.. The legendary German House label NEEDS (not wants) re...

Drums #1

A Drummer From Detroit

Released 12/15/17 Label Fit Genre House Cat no. FIT-017

Naturally for a producer who prefers to remain anonymous and call themselves A Drummer From Detroit and name their debut EP Drums, both tracks here veer into dextrously percussive house t...

Shimmerdown / SPQR

John Selway / Seltav

Released 12/15/17 Label Future Times Genre House Cat no. FT-045

Future Times is feeling super blessed to announce a reissue 12" featuring two hard-to-find cuts by John Selway and his Seltav project with Andrea Taverna. A Side "Shimmerdown" has been a ...

East Village Edits Vol. 4

DJ Monchan

Released 12/15/17 Label Dailysession Records Genre House Cat no. DSR-013

Strong 3 track edit 12 on this ever consistent label!

Amp Dog Knights

Amp Fiddler

Released 12/15/17 Label Mahogani Music Genre House Cat no. MM-41

For his fourth studio album, Amp Fiddler returns to fellow Detroit native Moodymann’s Mahogani Music for ‘Amp Dog Knights’ a suite of 13 tracks A&Red and co-curated with the house &am...

Rise b/w Wise

Dawit / Dolo

Released 12/15/17 Label Future Times Genre House Cat no. FT-044

One for the Deejays! After a previous collaboration for FT's Vibe 3 compilation, Dawit Eklund and Max D (in Dolo Percussion mode) join forces for a proper 12" and come catchy, concrete, a...