George's Albums of the Year 2017

2017 has sucked in many, many ways, but despite the daily onslaught of garbage in my news feed there was still beautiful music to cling to. Here's some of my favorites.


My wife and I haven't bonded over the mutual love of a new band for quite some time. Part of this is due to our different tastes, but mainly it's because raising a four year old has put a major wrench in our pre-baby music geek lifestyle of going to shows and making mixes. Our initial romance was built upon music- we first met in a record store and within a year started a band together. This stuff is important to us. So it's pretty special when we have an opportunity to rekindle those falling-in-love-all-over-again vibes together. Horse Jumper of Love, despite their unfortunate name, came to our rescue this year. Their self-titled album is cut from the same cloth as melodic slo-core 90s bands like Acetone and Idaho, with a slight injection of big washy guitars a la Hum. We love their eerie dynamics, sluggish tempos, and apathetically sung lyrics. So let me take a moment to thank these Boston boys for making swoon worthy slo jams that relight sparks in these lovers hearts.


Best comeback record in a long long time. Close your eyes and it's 1993 again.

3. TORO Y MOI- Boo Boo

This one crept up on me. It's big 80s synths with plastic soul vocals, an unlikely combo that totally works. My favorite sing along in the car album of the year.

4. ARIEL PINK- Tribute to Bobby Jamieson

Nobody writes hooks as weird and obtuse quite like Ariel Pink.

5. KING KRULE- The Ooz

Archy Mashall is a force of nature and once again we get to follow him down smoky hallways into the beautiful darkness.

6. OMNI- Multi-task

Though not as galvanizing as their debut from last year, these guys are making my favorite wiry post-punk jams with witty lyrics to boot.

7. QUELLE CHRIS- Being You Is Great, I Wish I Could Be You More Often

Kendrick is masterful, but Quelle Chris is a hot mess and that's why you'll find me rocking this album full of dirty beats and self-doubt instead of Damn.


Another Boston trio cracking the Top 10 with understated indie pop gems that seem to float out the speakers. Subtle songs good for rainy afternoons.


This is one of the few albums this year everyone on staff seemed to like. It's a gorgeous and meditative album of electronic goodness.


As I've told many customers, this album is pretty much all one mood, but if you're in that mood it's really good. Fortunately for me, I've been in that mood quite often this year.