Goat Girl

Goat Girl

  • RT008842
  • Release Date: April 6th 2018
  • $14.99

Rough Trade Albums of the Year 2018 No. 7

Goat Girl's self-titled debut album. Available here on Violet Colored LP, Black LP and CD, now with Bonus Udder Sounds CD EP.

Special RT AOTY 6-track 12" Udder Sounds EP, available here,

Goat Girl’s self-titled debut creates a half-fantasy world out of a very dirty, ugly city reality. It’s a very English album - sharp-eyed observations like The Kinks, louche rage like The Slits - but it’s also full of swampy, swaggering guitars and singer Lottie’s filthy drawl. Each member brings a diverse range of influences and contributions, ranging from krautrock to bossa nova, jazz to blues. They resist being boxed in to an indie, guitar-based genre, and focused intensely on the layers and textures of each song as well as the different contexts they could sit within.

The result, Goat Girl, succeeds in conjuring a complete world all unto itself, and is arranged in segments - divided by improvised interludes - that offer glimpses of an even stranger parallel universe. With each song acting as its own story of sorts that features different settings and characters, listeners are transported there within. It’s dark yet cheeky, varied yet cohesive, and striking in its vision; this world is populated by creeps and liars, lovers, dreamers, and wonderful lunatics.

LP+ - Limited to 1000 copies on Violet Colored Vinyl.

LP - Black Vinyl.

CD - Digipack.

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