Gregory Isaacs

Mr. Isaacs

  • A 54201
  • Release Date: July 12th 2019
  • $18.99

Classic re-issue celebrates the birthday of the late singer. The album marks a pivotal time in the early relationship between Isaacs, producer Ossie Hibbert and VP Records.

First released in 1977 the ‘Mr Isaacs’ album established the template for Gregory Isaacs’ subsequent superstar status. Conceived by Gregory and Ossie Hibbert as an album project it contained three of the Cool Ruler’s greatest hits ‘Smile’, ‘Slave Master’ and ‘Set The Captives Free’. ‘Mr Isaacs’ status as one of reggae’s cornerstone albums was cemented when it was reissue in 2001 on the Blood & Fire label. Re-mastered by Kevin Metcalfe this deluxe 32 track 2 CD set includes more Gregory, DJ Cuts plus complete companion ‘Leggo Dub’ album plus the lethal ‘Mr Know It All’ version ‘War Of The Stars’.