Honey Hahs

OK / Beer Fear

  • rt842-7
  • Release Date: August 25th 2017
  • $7.99

Honey Hahs first single OK and Beer Fear is released on 7” single on Rough Trade. They are three sisters from South London somewhere between Nunhead and Peckham. Their average age is 11 and a ½ years old. Simple, unadorned guitar unrolling like a lazy summer day - rich and pure vocals with the sisters taking it in turn to sing lead. The best bits are the sweet, sweet harmonies - classic wall of voice harmonies but with an added unusual twist that makes them just that bit more interesting and pull at your heart strings. This isn't 'good for their age' (and yes they are pretty young). It's good full stop. Not just 'OK' but great. For fans of Marine Girls, Jane (It's a Fine Day), The Roches and Moldy Peaches.