Judy Dyble and Andy Lewis

Summer Dancing

  • AJXLP416
  • Release Date: August 18th 2017
  • $19.99

August 2017 sees the release of Judy Dyble and Andy Lewis's psychedelic folk collaboration Summer Dancing. Dyble was the original vocalist in Fairport Convention appearing on their self-titled debut, before joining Giles, Giles and Fripp and then recording the awesome UK psych masterpiece Morning Way under the name Trader Horne with her then boyfriend Ian McDonald. Andy Lewis was the original DJ at legendary Brit-pop club Blow Up, before recording his own albums for Acid Jazz and scoring a top forty hit with his collaboration with Paul Weller Are You Trying To Be Lonely? in 2007. After that he joined Weller's band of which he was a member until the end of last year. The album is made of the very stuff of British psychedelia, an obsession with childhood, the country and the city. It emerges from a place somewhere between Broadcast, the Soundtrack to the Wickerman and Stereolab.