Kanye West

Late Registration

  • B000481302
  • CD
  • Release Date: January 2nd 2014
  • $21.99

'late registration' is the second album from kanye west and is co-produced by jon brion - known principally as a soundtrack composer (magnolia, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind). the standout cuts are 'addiction', which flicks an acoustic guitar loop round a sample from etta james's 'my funny valentine', 'hey mama' which has a folk-rock vocal that could net butterflies and is classic kanye and single 'diamonds from sierre leone' which has a heavy groove and sped-up soul sample, courtesy of shirley bassey's classic 'diamonds are forever' with kanye's unusual conversational flow. the producer-rapper is aiming for the heights of motown's greatest icon and this album proves that everything he touches turns to gold.