Katerina Pantelides

sARTorial - The Art of Looking Like an Artist

  • 978178627315
  • Hardcover.
  • Release Date: October 23rd 2018
  • $19.99

Katerina Pantelides' book sARTorial - The Art of Looking Like an Artist. Available here on Hardcover.

Ever wondered why Yayoi Kusama dresses in dots, or dreamt of asking Picasso: why the Breton tee? Enter sARTorial, a fun guide to the signature looks of 60 key artists from the 19th century to today. Short texts unpack the style essentials of icons such as Claude Monet to millennials including Tauba Auerbach, revealing how they construct their looks and why it reflects the works they create. Featuring fantastic images of the artists in all their splendour, sARTorial is essential reading for anyone looking to decode the 'drobe, and gain valuable insight into the cult of the artist.

Book - Hardcover.