Lio's Albums Of The Year 2018

1. Powell Peralta - The Search For Animal Chin Soundtrack

This is a childhood favorite for me, so to be able to have this on vinyl is a real treat. I grew up watching this skate movie ever since it first came out in 1987. Steve Caballero, Tommy Guerrero, Lance Mountain, Tony Hawk, and Mike McGill were my favorite skaters in the 80’s and early 90’s so to be able to listen to them talk as well as watch them skate is a real treat. It wasn’t just their tricks that inspired me, but their quirky skits that I repeated over and over again as a teen. Quotes like ‘He’s Got His Own Milk Cartoon’ and ‘Gnarly Homeboy’ still stick in my head till this day. I choose this YouTube clip of the Ripper Intro, as it’s legendary for all Powell & Peralta videos and super cool. This release is super rad because it not only comes with double colored vinyl, but a foldout poster to hang on the wall, a full download of the soundtrack and actual movie, as well as a gatefold where the inner sleeves are packed with a collage of rare photos of the pros from back in the day. This is truly a real treat for all skate rats.

2. Hockey Dad - Blend Inn

Hockey Dad is super fun, so I get excited about anything that they put out. They embody the essence of youth. They live their life like a California Hollywood movie where all they have to do everyday is surf, skate, drink beer, and play songs to their friends at crazy house parties. Check out this video where they drained a pool to host a party for all of their friends. The old guy in the video is actually a professional skateboarder in Australia on the Santa Cruz skate team.

3. Pearl Charles - Sleepless Dreamer

Pearl Charles makes dreamy music that makes you wants to escape the hard city life and venture out to California ASAP. Her voice is hypnotic and truly beautiful. It’s pretty hard not to sing along to her songs and dream of a peaceful life driving along a small and beautiful beach coastal town out West.

4. Pet Shop Boys - Please Reissue

The Pet Shops Boys album ‘Please’ was actually the very first vinyl that I owned. Not kidding. I spent the summer in Germany at my friend’s house and we listened to this album non-stop. When I got back home to the states my dad had this vinyl waiting for me as a welcome home gift and I screamed in excitement. I was infatuated with The Pet Shop Boys. But it wasn’t just their music that hooked me. It was the way that they made cities seem so exciting and sexy. Their albums tell stories of city life that created a desire for me to want to explore every city in the world, while wearing a cool trench coat. I visited London for the first time because of The Pet Shop Boys. To this day I still love the Pet Shop Boys. So it’s a treat to get all of these vinyl reissues again as each one is fantastic.

5. Hatchie - Sugar and Spice

I caught Hatchie live at a small SXSW party this year before I heard her music and instantly feel in love with her voice. She’s so dreamy. And I’m a sucker for dream pop/shoegaze bands. Hatchie knows how to combine the two together so well and still make it the songs catchy and fun. It’s pretty hard not to love Hatchie.

6. Wooing - The Clouds EP

Wooing is one of my new favorite NYC bands. They know how to put on highly electric shows. Rachel, the lead singer, grew up playing music with her family since she was 6 years old, so she is a true music enthusiast. Her songwriting is super witty, with hints of psych, and bombastic guitar blasts. Special note, Rachel used to also play with Julia (Sunflower Bean) together before they both split to form their own bands.

7. Shannon and The Clams - Onion

I discovered Shannon and The Clams back in 2010 when I was in San Francisco for Noise Pop in a small basement bar and was instantly intrigued by this band. They were like nothing I had ever encountered. You can’t deny how much fun this band is. They break all rules of what a band should be and that is what makes them so cool. It’s no secret that many love them and I’m one of them. Make sure to also check out Shannon Shaw’s last solo album, as it’s amazing.

8. Echo Ladies - Pink Noise

Echo Ladies, from Sweden, mix shoegaze and pop together while still making it sound new and exciting. Unfortunately I’ve never gotten the chance to see them live, but by the sound of this album, I know their I will love their live show as its loud, full of tons of fuzz and distortion that reminds me of the greats like Jesus and Mary Chain, The Raveonettes, and My Bloody Valentine.

9. Our Girl - Stranger Today

I was first intrigued to learn about Our Girl as one of them used to play with Fear Of Men and I love, love, love, love Fear of Men. This Brighton, England band continue the traditional sounds of that small coastal town with dark and witty indie pop. This album is full of catchy indie pop that never gets old. If you haven’t been to Brighton before you need to go as its truly one of the coolest cities in Europe. The whole town is built on a hill where each shops, bar, restaurant, and venues are nestled around small and windy brick streets that end up on a rocky beach.

10. The Natvral - Know Me More

Kip Berman was the lead singer / songwriter of The Pains of Being Pure At Heart. Pains were NYC favorites for all indie pop kids. Their songs were irresistibly catchy. Kip has decided to close that chapter and start new a new music avenue that takes on a new sound that is more inspired by past NYC greats like Bob Dylan, Ted Leo, and Leonard Cohen full of heartfelt songs.