• LP-LM-037
  • Standard Black LP.
  • Release Date: October 19th 2018
  • $21.99

Littlebabyangel's album Gada. Available here on Standard Black LP.

Littlebabyangel is 23 year old Stephan Armstrong from London, Ontario. Raised in rock, Armstrong fuses rap-mixtapes, electronic music, R&B & industrial influences to make something stark digital and contemporary. GADA the debut mixtape: eleven songs played and produced by Stephan and childhood friend Cameron Morse. The tape was originally sent around free as a chain letter amongst fans - reaching 18,000 downloads. Setting a new precedent for the site, Pitchfork reviewed the download - calling Littlebabyangel a "prodigious talent promising "he won't stay a secret for long.

LP - Standard Black LP.