Lorenzo Senni and Francesco Fantini

The Challenge

  • LP-WAP-9404
  • Release Date: March 2nd 2018
  • $44.99

Warp wunderkind Lorenzo Senni can now announce details of the vinyl release of the original soundtrack for film The Challenge. The release exposes Lorenzo Senni as a musical chameleon - blending the sound into the body of the film, making the music a collaborative character rather than an accompaniment. The producer may be best known for his trance explorations, but this really does expose him as an artist who can wring the emotion from his music. The soundtrack, a collaboration with Francesco Fantini, was recorded with a full orchestra and is both uplifting and joyous with a hint of melancholia. The release comes as a very limited edition deluxe 32 page photo book with 10 inch vinyl designed by Davide Mosconi.