Lou Reed

The Blue Mask

  • 886974877721
  • Release Date: December 1st 2013
  • $6.99

Lou never got more intense and soulful than on The Blue Mask.

It’s one of the toughest, truest, funniest albums about husbandhood ever made. Lou’s fallen in love, but he finds it just scares the hell out of him. As he sings, "Things are never good / Things go from bad to weird."

The Blue Mask came out a few days before Reed’s 40th birthday. (Which means he turns 70 next week, on March 2nd.) After all his years of debauchery, walking every wild side in town and passing out in most of them, he had plenty to say about his new life as an "Average Guy." Lou faces up to the terrors of adult love, staring down his own psychic demons as he struggles to hold on to this good thing he’s found. As Rolling Stone’s Tom Carson wrote in a five-star review, "Lou Reed has done what even John Lennon couldn’t do: he’s put his Plastic Ono Band and his Double Fantasy on the same record."