Hercules and Love Affair


Released 09/08/17 Genre House Cat no. 4050538307399

With exclusive bonus disc of remixes.


Released 09/08/17 Genre House Cat no. 4050538307429x

Rough Trade Exclusive. Double Ultra Clear Vinyl. Limited to 800 Copies.


Released 10/13/17 Genre House Cat no. A-563226

Double Black Vinyl.


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Rough Trade Exclusive with bonus CD.

Bounce ya funky body! Wave your glitter-drenched party hands in the air! Thudding disco dance floor beats with sugar-sweet vocals and lashings of honeyed ‘80s mega-pop hit sounds. Slick and shiny for beautiful dancers and if you’re not beautiful (of course you are!) this music will make you GORGEOUS! Sparkly keyboards, club anthem vocals riffles and bows of funky rhythms galore-a-ongous. Like the best and coolest disco ever but the biggest most sunniest funnest thing ever too. As though there was an uber-cool branch of Studio 54 in Ibiza. A party in your pants mixed and mashed from techno / house/ disco / acid and a pumping, jumping surround-around sound of pop from the last 50 years. The best of the biggest of the danciest stuff from cooing ‘60s girl-groups to whatever will be twitching the diodes of whatever’s left of humanity 1,000 years from now. Dance yourself to heaven on glitter while you’re shot through with rainbows of melody and pure pop javellins. One hundred heart beats per minute. Guests include Sharon Van Etten, Faris Badwan, Rouge Mary and Gustaph.

Bonus CD Track Listing.

Omnion – Joe Goddard Remix
Omnion – Ultramarine Remix
Controller – Tuff City Kids Remix
Controller – Mike Simonetti remix
Are you still certain? - Rheinzand remix