Martin Brandlmayr

Vive Les Fantomes

  • CD-THRILL-489
  • Release Date: June 14th 2019
  • $16.99

Martin Brandlmayr is an Austrian percussionist, composer and electronic artist, known as a solo artist, and for his work in groups such as Radian and Trapist. Vive Les Fantômes, his first step into radio art, originaly aired on SWR (German National Radio) and eared him the Karl Sczuka Prize for Works of Radio Art 2018, the highest achivement for works of radio art in Germany.

Martin Brandlmayr on Vive Les Fantômes:

The work is based on snippets of interviews, rehearsals and performances by people whose work had an influence on my artistic path: Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Billie Holiday, Jacques Derrida, Chris Marker and many more. The process involved searching, discovering and creating connections among the material and resulted in a network of sound-objects that appear repeatedly changing their shape throughout the piece. Communication is constructed across different rooms and times, beyond the borders of language and music. Vive Les Fantômes is not only a piece of music, it’s rather acoustic cinema with a non-linear narrative layer organized by scenes.