Max de Wardener


  • LP-VGR-059
  • Release Date: June 28th 2019
  • $15.99

For innovative composer Max de Wardener, music is a kind of time travel, a means of exploring the antique and the arcane and repurposing them for a forward-facing now. Classically trained, de Wardener is nevertheless renowned for compositions that explore everything from church organs to self-built instruments, as well as electronics and more orthodox chamber configurations. ‘Palindrome’, as the title hints, is a piece of entirely symmetrical music, its written score a perfect mirror of itself, repeating over four bars. B-side ‘Sun Dogs’, meanwhile, features softly undulating analogue synths and subtle percussion for a much more relaxed affair. This EP precedes de Wardener’s first album with Village Green - ‘Kolmar’, due for release in July.