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Mel's Staff Picks

Mel Picks

Heavenly Music Corporation - In A Garden of Eden

In A Garden of Eden will make you feel as if you were sitting and smelling flowers in a Garden of Eden, duh! Originally released in 1993, this blissful ambient album relaxes me with it's plush soundscapes while giving me a calming but trippy feel at the same time.

Sarah Davachi - Gave in Rest

Gave in Rest was inspired by trips to religious buildings in Europe while on tour. Sarah Davachi's usual minimalism was expanded with instrumentation combining contemporary experimentalism and early religious music. Texturally crafted and layered with synth, organ, strings, woodwinds, and vocals while leaving perfect spaces in between.

Zephaniah Ohora and the 18 Wheelers - This Highway

This Highway sounds like a classic and timeless country record. Skillful and tight instrumentation including fiddle, piano, and steel guitar along with lyrics about complex situations, showing how emotion is not so black and white. Awesome cover of "Something Stupid" (a song we all love) with Dori Freeman. He's from Brooklyn and plays Skinny Dennis with The Last Roundup Boys covering all your country favorites. Go check him out!

Various Artists - Teen Expo - The Cleopatra Label

Teen Expo - The Cleopatra Label is a great compilation of Cleopatra stuff from 1962-1970 consisting of garage, surf, psyche, pop, soul, and girl groups. Always a fun journey through Numero comps full of unheard bands. If you love girl group stuff be sure to also check out Basement Beehive - The Girl Group Underground as well.

Terry Callier - What Color Is Love

What Color Is Love from 1972 has been reissued again and is bringing happiness to most of the staff including myself. Callier was an amazing singer and songwriter too, making the best folky jazzy soul music, this record will end up being an all-time favorite if it isn't already.