Michel Banabila


  • 02SC
  • Release Date: February 9th 2018
  • $36.99

Dutch electronic music veteran Michel Banabila’s earthy ambient works Trespassing / Marilee make up the excellent 2nd release on Séance Centre, a promising new label extending the reach of Invisible City Editions’ Brandon Hocura.

The 1st disc spies material written over the last 20 odd years, acting as a bridge between work made during his years in an Amsterdam squat and his contemporary practice, taking in slanted tribal rhythm trips, finely sculpted ambient wormholes, and daubs of ambient boogie recalling K. Leimer and co, all manifest thru myriad synth voices and haunting electro-acoustic space.

Banabila’s debut album Marilli [1983] is given its first ever reissue on the 2nd disc. Now sought-after and expensive on the 2nd hand market, Marilli is one for hose sides that needs to be heard to be believed, as he basically offers a DIY, squat-built take on Eno and Byrne’s My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts that charmingly sounds like that classic record, but much more lo-fi and frayed around the edges, as though half recollected from a heavy LSD trip.