Mick Trouble

It's the Mick Trouble EP

  • ER58
  • Rough Trade Exclusive. Limited and hand numbered to 100 Copies on White Vinyl.
  • Release Date: September 15th 2017
  • $9.99

Rough Trade Exclusive. Limited and hand numbered to 100 Copies on White Vinyl with hand stamped labels.

Easily the best archive single of the year. Four tracker that sounds like first album and early 7"s by Television Personalities or a lost Whaam Records release. Seriously this is amazing!! Lost legends of of pop music seem a dime a dozen these days, with internet ghouls stalking history’s graveyard exhuming the forgotten, under-heard, or never heard opus of some suburban recluse every minute, but few of them can match the bizarre story of the rise and snail-paced stumbled of one Michael Tooney-Head, born Muswell, London August 1963— otherwise known as lost post-punk troubadour Mick Trouble. It’s easy to forget that for a brief time in 1981, Mick Trouble was on the verge of becoming The Band That Saves Britain. But Trouble was just that- poised to make the leap from esteemed bard in hallowed hip circles including the likes of post-punk trailblazers Swell Maps and Television Personalities to that of a superstar that would give Declan McManus a run for his money. But a week before Trouble and his band were to make their seventh appearance on John Peel in just two years, something happened. Trouble disappeared. And so, seemingly, did his music- until now. Emotional Response is proud to present the long-coveted 1980 Trouble EP- It’s The Mick Trouble EP, cut directly from a master reel discovered earlier this year under a cookie jar in his basement, along with a never-before-heard jam, year unknown, featuring The Glitter Band, Lemmy Kilmister, and Damo Suzuki. (Stay tuned.) The result is what will be for many the first time they’ve heard Trouble’s music - spikey, sarcastic, often louche two-minute bursts of pure pop which recall both Dan Tracey and Nick Lowe at their sodden best. A rather special piece of plastic, then.

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