Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will

  • 70895
  • LP
  • Release Date: February 15th 2011
  • $21.99

double cd presented in deluxe packaging with previously unreleased 26 minute track 'music for a forgotten future (the singing mountain)', recorded for douglas gordon and olaf nicolai's 'monument for forgotten future' installation in essen, germany. recorded at chem 19 studios with producer paul savage (who recorded 1997's 'mogwai young team'), 'hardcore will never die, but you will' is the band's seventh album. it's a brave and instinctive album that is charged with an energy, spirit and intensity few can match. it is the sound of a band comfortable in their own skin, but clawing at the edges of their own capabilities, and drawing out something particularly special in the process. mogwai are dominic aitchison, stuart braithwaite, martin bulloch, barry burns, and john cummings. the band was birthed in the halcyon days of the mid-'90s and helped glasgow become one of the real bright spots in the musical universe again. not everyone gets mogwai, but that's what makes them great. theirs is a majestic, powerful sound where barely a word is spoken yet it is the antithesis of background music. album and song titles bemuse, confuse and delight in equal measure and live, they are utterly unstoppable.