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  • Release Date: June 9th 2015
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after the exit of two founding members - guitarist 'fast' eddie clarke and drummer phil taylor - many metalheads left the once-mighty motorhead for dead. the band's fortunes had dwindled due to a few less-than-enthusiastically received albums. but bassist / frontman lemmy refused to let the band roll over and die, assembling a whole new line-up, changing record labels, and issuing their first new album in three years - 1986's 'orgasmatron', titled after a device from the early-'70s woody allen movie "'sleeper.' it's a splendid return to form. as the cover artwork suggests, motorhead had come roaring back - a new dual guitar set-up, featuring newcomers wurzel and phil campbell, adds spark to such meaty cuts as the title track, 'ridin' with the driver,' and 'built for speed'.