A Love Letter To London

  • Genre Rock-Pop
  • Released 12/06/15
  • Cat no shokolltl

We are really happy to be able to stock our friend Shoko's new album at a domestic price. Shoko's first full-length album A Love Letter to London is a testament to her on-going love of the city where she has lived for many years. Popular Japanese musician Hideki Kaji composed and produced all the music himself, and has created an album overflowing with her charm. He was especially meticulous about style and to elicit a strong sense of presence—as well as ennui—has based his music on a range of genres including rock, guitar pop, garage, dream pop, delicate acoustic music suited to Shoko's voice, Swedish pop and disco tunes. Hideki also gave careful consideration to universal popular music. As well as Tokyo, recordings took place at the Tamborine Studios in Malmo, Sweden—where The Cardigans recorded—and at London's Moat Studios. The album concludes with a cover of the track London Belongs to Me, which was in the first album of the legendary London band Saint Etienne. The jacket cover is a special limited edition for the first press. It's a masterpiece!