The Body and Full Of Hell

Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light

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  • Limited Clear with Green and Brown Vinyl
  • $19.99

The Body and Full of Hell integrate their love of electronic noisescapes with abrasive, precise sonic assaults on their second collaborative album featuring guest performances by Brian Chippendale (Lightning Bolt, Black Pus), Chrissy Wolpert (Assembly of Light Choir), and Ben Eberle (Sandworm). Samples, synth, saxophone, and a drum orchestra (led by Chippendale) all throb, and sputter, coagulating under the weight of the two bands. Programmed drum patterns and loops taking cues from hip hop are bent and twisted throughout, awlessly emboldening the distortion drenched guitars and howling vocals. Each element, though meticulously crafted, is visceral, as the exhilaration of improvisation has not been curtailed by editing.

Featured in: jen's albums of the year 2017, Adrian's Albums of the Year 2017