Barry Adamson

Memento Mori (Anthology 1978 - 2018)

  • Label Mute
  • Genre Rock-Pop
  • Released 10/26/18 10/26/18
  • Cat no CD 69760 A 69760

Ecopac with 12 Page Booklet.

Limited Edition Double Gold Vinyl.

Album of the Month - November 2018

Barry Adamson returns with Memento Mori (Anthology 1978-2018), a 40th anniversary release charting the artist’s writing and recording career. Available on Limited Edition Double Gold Vinyl and Ecopac CD with 12 Page Booklet.

Moss Side’s Barry Adamson is a legend and a very nice one. He’s a photographer, filmmaker and writer as well as being a musician and composer and the scorer of a multitude of films. He’s worked with Magazine, Visage, The Birthday Party, Pan Sonic, Grinderman and Depeche Mode. This is a great compilation of just some of the his looooong career.

All the ingredients and one of the best chefs going. Atmospheric moods sweep cinematically setting a scene to take you on a journey through cool jazzy nights and cold streets tinged with brassy glinting street lights. An album stuffed with cool cat vocals, crawling drum fills and shuffling dance-beats, swish strings, groovy swirling organs, funky wah wah and plenty of moody jazz.. Groovy swirling organs. Like the the sun played the disco on your face film noir. You’ve been riff-rolled.

LPx2 - Limited Edition Double Gold Vinyl.

CD - Ecopac with 12 Page Booklet.

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