Bill Brewster - Tribal Rites

Part One. 13 Tracks from Latin Breed, Gaffa, Peter Accident, Urang otan etc

Following Eskimo's acclaimed Prins Thomas' Paradise Goulash and Psychemagik compilations.. this time compiled by the legendary Bill Brewster. Spanning 41 tracks, Tribal Rites is a musical autobiography of sorts from one of dance music’s most dedicated historians, Bill Brewster. The compilation takes us on a personal journey through Bill’s 36 year long involvement in the music industry. Split into three sections, the compilation begins in the post-punk period, and through tracks such as explores the influence of dub on bands of the time such as Orang Utan, General Strike and The Raincoats. The second section takes us into that mish-mash of sounds and styles best described as ‘Balearic’ where the likes of Bobbie Gentry and Final Edition can happily co-exist and a country and western cover of Hall and Oates I Can’t Go For That seems like the most obvious thing in the world. The final section then concentrates exclusively on house music, though again showcasing just what a broad church House is, able to accommodate both the spiritual yearnings of Mother Tongue’s Message of Love and the precision tooled productions of Basic Channel’s Maurizio.

3CD - 41 Track Triple CD Set.

2LP - Part One. 13 Tracks from Latin Breed, Gaffa, Peter Accident, Urang Otan etc.

2LP+ - Part Two. 10 tracks from The General, Nashville Rhythm Section, Larry Heard, Mother Tongue, Dooley Silverspoon etc.