Burger Records

Burger Buddy Cassette Player/MP3 Converter

Rough Trade Gift of the Year 2017 No: 4

Many, many years ago Lee and Sean of Burger Records had a plan to create a cassette player. Not just a cassette player but one that also converted tapes to MP3s. It was a far off dream that seemed to always be just out of reach... until now!

The Burger Buddy is a sleek and groovy functional electronic novelty, branded with the blue Burger Records logo on a white plastic case and a package design by King Tuff artist Luke Thomas.

Beyond its retro look, what is most remarkable about the Burger Buddy is its innovative, 21st-century operation. It can be used as an on-the-go, battery-operated personal tape player (with bundled earbuds) or as a party gadget that can be plugged into speakers. Additionally, the 3.5 x 4.5 inch device can convert music from cassettes into MP3s directly onto your flash drive in a fairly simple fashion.

For DIY musicians, the value of tape-to-digital file conversion is priceless. Remember that drawer full of old practice tapes, precious mixtapes, and concert bootlegs? The Burger Buddy allows you to share that audio with the digital world.

The Burger Buddy comes with a USB cord that connects directly to a flash drive. That means that all you have to do is insert a memory stick into the Burger Buddy’s chord, and press a couple buttons in either manual or auto mode to convert your cassette contents into digital tracks.

Another amazing feature of the Burger Buddy is that it powers up when plugged directly into your computer (via that same USB cord). You can still use AA batteries when you’re on the go, or save that battery life when the device is tethered to your computer.

The first press of the Burger Buddy sold out in weeks so don’t sleep on this 2nd pressing limited to 1,000 cassette players, each housed in a deluxe box with an updated design from artist Luke Thomas (King Tuff, Yves Saint Laurent) that comes with an exclusive cassette compilation featuring L.A. Law, The Flytraps, Da Crime Club Click, Roya, PMS and the Mood Swings, Death Valley Girls, Easy Love, The Memories, Flamin’ Groovies, The MnMs, King Tuff, NRBQ, Thee Makeout Party!, Outrageous Cherry, Distractor, Mattiel and Sufis!

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