Chocolate Watch Band

This Is My Voice

  • LP-DWC-1117
  • $22.99

Chocolate Watch Band's album, This Is My Voice. Available Here on Standard Vinyl.

Iconic California psychedelic punk legends The Chocolate Watchband are touring to celebrate the release of their new album, led by founding and current members, vocalist David Aguilar and guitarist Tim Abbott, plus Gary Andrijasevich on drums. Second generation fans, guitarist Derek See and bassist Alec Palao (Grammy-nominated producer/ historian ), bring their enthusiasm and love for the music to the table to help weave THE sound which both faithfully recreates the sonic energy and tone of the original recordings, as well as giving a rare edge to new material that is a logical progression to the bands legacy. Documented as influencing legendary bands far and wide within the psych, garage, and punk scene for the past 50 years, their live performances sizzle with the same outrageous audacity of the late 60s scene they helped usher into the San Francisco Bay area ballroom scene.