Foundars 15


  • Label PMG
  • Genre African
  • Released 07/24/17
  • Cat no PMG 068LP

PMG present a reissue of Foundars 15's Co-Operation, originally released in 1977. "After years of gigging around the east Nigerian music scene, Foundars 15 finally hit the jackpot when they recruited legendary bass player, Marshall Udo. Charismatic and confident, Udo immediately energized the band, bringing a new funky and psychedelic vibe as well as a bunch of songs he'd workshopped with the Funkees. The tone of the album is set early. Nek Adirika's searing guitar lick announces 'We Are On The Move', a track that is both funky and determined. 'Co-Operation' is a horn-driven slab of ghetto funk. 'Cool And Good (For Loving)' is a psychedelic wig-out. 'Work To Success' could well be the new-look Foundars 15 manifesto set to music. While Marshall Udo was undoubtedly the catalyst, Co-Operation is very much a group effort. Udo, Sony Enang, Nek Adirika and Ike Peters each provide songs and the musicianship of each player is impeccable. Every track is super-tight and sophisticated. This is the sound of a band that means business. It's also why Co-Operation is widely regarded as one of the great Afro-funk rock albums of all time