Cru Servers

Blubber Totem

The heeds of Glasgow’s 12th Isle keep their vibe gloriously off-map with Cru Servers’ debut LP batch, Blubber Totem. After touching down on a Bomb Shop 7” and self-issuing a tape in the last 5 years, this is the CS brothers’ most substantial and definitive recording to date, relaying an experience akin to a waking dream situated in a different star system to our own.

Plotting coordinates in a zone familiar to Dices and AEM Rhythm Cascade’s Thoughtstream or Belgium’s Innercity, the Cru Servers duo disembark with hieroglyphic electronics of Incubation on Ram Skins, then tilt into 100bpm muggy chug with Shot To Life, before getting buck wild with the severely warped garage torque of Dorito Rook and a slice of fluoro industrial trance in Ark Bile Top Ups recalling Black Zone Myth Chant’s egyptian fantasies.

The recursive wormhole, Deith 2 Hansy prangs out like Rob Hood on a psychedelic secret mission, slopping yer mind into something like Lorenzo Senni in gravity-less space, but they bring us back to disco firma with Accursed Share, only to let it all go with the floppy body of Yellow Domes & the Dawn.

Featured in: Dance Wall