Demdike Stare


  • LOVE 111LP
  • $29.99

Since the release of their album Wonderland a couple of years ago, Demdike Stare have been recording material for this new doublepack Passion; an asymmetric re-imagining of UK club styles taking in frenzied drum trax, shortwave jungle, pinging dancehall and clipped, post punk riddims. Enlisting visual artist Michael England, they’ve created a cinematic accompaniment for their collaborative live shows, resulting in the image which adorns this cover - a hybrid/composite portrait exploring/questioning the current use of software in creating hyper reality and the manipulation of the self. The accompanying film includes documentary footage filmed at a voguing event in NYC, Blackpool promenade and a Newark roller rink, smudgng the lines between live performance, documentary and sonic cinema. Passion continues a process Demdike began on their Testpressing series, dismantling lines between analogue and digital realms, between urban realism and fantasy, experimental, pop and soundsystem cultures. An outlandish configuration of avant-garde and ultimately functional club weapons designed and honed for the weightiest bassbins, it’s also their most direct and fucked up record to date - a raucous, joyful 9-track smash that comes off like a night on a glamorous, neon-lit bender.

Featured in: Zach Albums Of The Year 2018