Flag Of Democracy

Everything Sucks

  • SRA033
  • LP
  • $16.99

Record Store Day 2015 Release. Magenta Vinyl, download, limited to 400. How unlucky is FLAG OF DEMOCRACY, the seminal Pennsylvania thrashcore trio that has released eight full-lengths over their three-decade career? So unlucky that despite having literally invented melodic hardcore on their debut LP Shatter Your Day in 1982, they have functioned in almost total obscurity ever since. So unlucky that they released what should have been their revolutionary breakout album in 1996, titled Everything Sucks, exactly a month before THE DESCENDENTS released a massively hyped reunion record with the same title. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up. While their may not be a mountain of weed and vintage Japanese superhero toys high enough to make up for F.O.D.'s legendary bad luck, today is your lucky day my friend, because SRA Records is about to release Everything Sucks on vinyl for the first time ever. Hear what should have been legendary pop-punk hits like ''Punk Gun'' and ''Skins 'N' Hooves'' for the first time in remastered magenta wax glory. Of course all of this should have happened almost 20 years ago but hey, that's what F.O.D. has been trying to tell you: Everything Sucks!