George Benson

5 Original Albums

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George Benson's 5 Original Albums. Available here on 5-CD Set.

George Benson’s collection focuses on his often-neglected music of the 1990s and 2000s, featuring legendary producer Tommy LiPuma and musicians from Prince’s band. George Benson may have hit his greatest fame in the 70s, but the guitarist kept on making wonderful work for many many years – as you'll hear in this excellent collection of albums from the end of the 90s! The albums here show that, even during a time when so many younger musicians were working under inspiration from his efforts, the man himself was still always a cut above – playing in a soulful style, but never too smooth – and always able to bring in a chromatic solo that reminded us of his tremendous skills. At the time of these records, even though we were slavish devotees of Benson's classics, we still really found ourselves impressed – and all these many years later, we're even more so – and expect you will be to. The set features five full albums, each in small LP-styled sleeves – the studio sets That's Right, Standing Together, Absolute Benson, and Irreplaceable – and a great Live best of set from 2005. © 1996-2018, Dusty Groove, Inc.

CDx5 - 5-CD Set.