Give You The Ghost

Rough Trade Exclusive Red and black marbled vinyl.

Polica release Give You The Ghost on Rough Trade Exclusive red and black marbled vinyl.

Drawing elements from Portishead, Bon Iver, Fleetwood Mac, and Eurythmics, Polica is a group featuring chanteuse Channy Caselle from Roma di Luna, Ryan Olson of Gayngs, Vampire Hands guitarist Chris Bierden, and drummers (that's right, there are two) Drew Christopherson from Digitata and Ben Ivascu from STNNNG.

"Amongster" opens with buzzing, reverberated guitar leads, over which Caselle's ghostly, layered vocals hover like a mist. An Auto-Tune modification makes it sound like she's singing behind a whirring fan in "I See My Mother"—here you can really notice the finesse of two drummers playing over dub-inspired bass and an electric guitar approximating a synthesizer with help from an electronic bow. "Violent Games" plays with more menacing tones. Dark drumming patterns give chase to a driving, distorted bass line, while Caselle croons through a slew of gurgling effects. The standout tune "The Maker" gives Caselle more room to stretch out and exercise her dynamic vocal range, though "Wandering Star" is the jam that could make Polica famous.

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